At Kalli George Interiors, our mission is to lead – never follow our competition. We do this by providing an efficient and exceptionally personalized service to our valued clients. Our systematic approach, experience, and expertise help us create functional and beautiful interiors across the GTA on time and on budget.


1- project initiation phase

The discovery call

A 20-minute complimentary phone call intended to clarify your expectations, your scope of work and your timelines.  We are getting to know each other and for that I don’t believe there should be a charge. Once we discover, we are the perfect fit, we can move on to The Consultation.


A one-time 2hrs personalized Q & A session in your own living room or kitchen table. Whether renovating or decorating, we’ll come prepared to inspire, provide solutions and help you make your upcoming project a reality.


2- Research, Design & Presentation Phase

Very similar to building blocks, each phase is another layer on the road to a successful end result.

It all begins with the very un-glamorous TRADE DAY. It’s about budgets, site measurements, before photos, and final criteria meeting.

The all important information from trade day is used for the DESIGN & DOCUMENTATION. During this time, we are executing drawings, sourcing goods and requesting trade estimates.

It all culminates to the CLIENT PRESENTATION which includes a visual display of furnishings and materials and presentation of estimates. Following the presentation, project management fees are determined and final project phase is initiated.


  • Order Placement:  assessment and delivery lead times

  • Budget & Progress Review

  • Initiation of Construction and Renovation

  • Installation Period:  and orders are received

  • Furniture Installation & Styling

  • Client Reveal

  • Deficiencies:  identified

  • Deficiencies:  resolved

  • Project Closure Meeting:  presentation of final invoices

  • Thank You & Project Completion:  presentation of client binder