The Winter Blues & Entertaining At Home

January 2019. Theme of the month? De-cluttering and organizing your home. Is it happening on this blog? Nope -breaking with tradition. I’ve never been a good follower anyway. As for de-cluttering, I’m more of the opinion, you should be doing that throughout the year, preferably quarterly. Less accumulation and less stressful!.

White Plate Pasta Yellow Zucchini Basil.jpeg

Did you know that there is a National Day Of --- for practically anything and for every day? I did not know that. Colour me shocked! For January, we’ve got a couple of interesting ones:

  • January 4th – National Spaghetti Day

  • January 6th – National Cuddle Up Day

  • January 7th – National Tempura Day

  • January 23rd – National Pie Day

  • January 27th – National Chocolate Cake Day

Ok- there is an obvious favourite (hint: includes the word chocolate). Most share a common theme - food. Food brings people together in a way nothing else can. There is something very special about people sitting around a table, breaking bread, sharing stories, laughing and generally letting loose.

I’ve been cheekily focusing on these national days on my social media accounts. Why?..........well…..

  1. who would not love a Chocolate Cake/Pie Day reminder  

  2. these days just scream “dinner at my house!”

  3. it starts the conversation about home and entertaining.

The Party Ready Home

I’ll focus on #3 and the other two will fall into place. Growing up, my mother had a very rigid schedule. She worked from Monday to Friday. Did the grocery shopping on Thursday afternoon, Friday was cleaning half the house. Saturday was laundry and the rest of the house. She was fastidious – never missed a day.

This pretty much meant, that by Saturday afternoon and well into Sunday night, anyone could walk into the house unannounced and she would be ready to entertain. Trust me, it happened. Often. When you have a moment, Google Sebastien Maniscalo’s ‘When the doorbell rings.’ My sister and I, both howl with laughter because we’ve lived it.

Interior Design Anxiety

As an adult, I miss those days. Perhaps, the unannounced guests would be tricky since I’m not home most of the time. The evening or weekend entertaining is another matter altogether. A restaurant, no matter how amazing the food or atmosphere, just doesn’t have that same vibe. Maybe it’s the coziness.

We often entertain in the summer, with backyard parties, but it’s during the winter the soul craves that companionship with friends. The days are gloomy, cold and dark. We huddle in front of the TV with a cup of tea and a blanket as our companion for the evening.

Number #1 reason for people not inviting people to their house? House not ready. Right about now, you’re thinking “Kalli, did you not just say we entertain in the summer? You’re contradicting yourself.” Nope – don’t think so. We entertain in the summer – outside. What little time we spend inside is a quick pit stop to the kitchen to pick something up or to use the bathroom.

The house is not on display. That’s why the inhibitions are dropped.

Your Interior Designed Home

Entertaining in the winter exposes the house in all its glory - beauty and flaws. So your kitchen is not up to snuff? Your friends won’t care. They are there to see you. Your couch is a little lumpy? It adds character and you can laugh about it. Not too keen on people using your family bathroom? Well, people will appreciate it if it’s the only bathroom in the house.

Then again, if all these suggestions are giving you anxiety attacks, let’s have a conversation this month and see how we can turn the tide around for next year or the upcoming national days. Remember, I said there is one for every single day of the year!

On National Pasta Day 2020, you can host your friends in your brand spankin’ new kitchen. On National Chocolate Cake Day 2020, you and your friends can comfortably pile into the new living room and dish over the gooiest chocolate cake on the planet. As for the bathroom, we can talk about upgrading what’s there or exploring possibilities to add a powder room somewhere. Now, wouldn’t that be something?

Life’s too short to sit on the sidelines. Kalli George Interiors is your partner when you don’t have the time, the vision or the energy to even contemplate such a project.


P.S. Are you ready? Let’s talk this month and get you ready for Spring. Not yet ready for that conversation? No worries. Download ‘How To Create A Fabulous Multi-Generational Home’ for ideas and suggestions and to keep Kalli George Interiors top of mind when you’re ready.