Behind The Scenes With Kalli George Interiors



1 | The Discovery Call

Our interior design and decorating discovery call is very similar to walking into a clothing boutique. You’re not ready to buy, but you’re curious. What are they selling? What brands? Are the people nice? What are the prices?

At Kalli George Interiors, we don’t carry physical product, but we do carry images of interior design and decorating projects. As you go through the Kalli George Interiors website, you might find the words and images resonate with you. You like what you see and you’re curious. Is Kalli George the right person for your upcoming home improvement project? Is this the right fit?

You’ve heard the horror stories of renovations dragging, cost overruns and time crunches. You don’t want any of that happening on your upcoming home improvement project. You’re ready for a team of professionals – you just need to assemble the right ones.

Our 20 minute complimentary call may or may not answer all your home improvement questions. However, it will provide you with an opportunity to talk to me. We might discover we are two peas in a pod and we’d be a phenomenal team for your upcoming project. Or we might discover, it’s best we remain friends.

Only one way to find out!

Work meeting calendar.jpeg

2 | Contract & Project Commencement

Most important things in life begin with a contract. So does working with Kalli George Interiors. It is for your protection as well as ours. It doesn’t mean we need to get all boring and can’t have some fun along the way.  The Kalli George Interiors' contract simply states the boundaries of the interior design project, who’s going to be doing what, what will happen over time and finally payment. Good relationships are built when everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet. Much like a choir when everyone is in sync it’s a harmonious melody.



3 | Trade Day

It’s the day for onsite measurements, before photos and finalizing the final criteria for the scope of work. This is where we might see potential or come across something you hadn’t considered. You could choose to stay (it is after all your house J), but it might get boring. We won’t be talking pretty stuff. In fact, you might see us crawling on the floor to locate electrical plugs and vents.

The measurements and item location are important when creating the drawings and furniture placement. Why have a lamp cord in full view when there might be a possibility to have it hidden? Details. Details. The general contractor will need time to assess the space, take notes and begin formulating a plan.

The complexity of the home improvement project will dictate the length of trade day. A bathroom or kitchen renovation might require multiple quotes therefore, multiple appointments in one day. A one room redecorating project might take a couple of hours to take measurements and take as many notes as possible.


4 | Design & Documentation

This is perhaps one of the longest phase of any project. Here’s where we put to good use the measurements from Trade Day to create the design drawings, source goods and services and finally pull together all the estimates - labour and product.

Toronto-condo-small-space living-home improvement -kitchen-image.jpeg


Whether redecorating a room, gutting a kitchen or renovating a bathroom, we always begin with the drawings. This  allows us to play around with various configurations with no hard labour, construction dust or noise. Who doesn't love that?

When the Presentation Phase rolls around, we'll present what we believe will be the best outcome.  


B. Sourcing goods & services

The drawings are a 'dry' exercise. The space is what it is - you can't change that. On the other hand, the right/appropriate product will make the space come alive.

At this stage, we are not purchasing anything. We are selecting product, taking note of inventory, timelines and appropriate suppliers.



These estimates include labour and material. We are building the overall cost for your project. Right now, it's on paper, but it will provide the necessary insights to proceed as is or make changes.



A visual display of furniture, materials and finishes. Where possible we include samples of physical product. Nothing beats touching and feeling the real thing! This design concept presentation is fully costed with labour and product estimates.

At this stage, you may decide to swap something out for something more cost effective or keep the presentation board as is.  We want you to love the design concept and presentation therefore, we're ok if you need to change a product for something else. 

If you love what you see and you love the price, you're ready to move on to the next phase.

We are dedicating this blog article to our 15-Step Process we call - "How We Work."  No jargon, simply describing our processes for bringing to life beautiful interiors. The complexity of the project will determine the number of steps at each milestone and the timeline. 

Because we understand these are simply words on a screen, we offer a couple of ways to know us a little better:

  • A 20 minute discovery call dedicated to an informal chat about your upcoming project.

  • If you're ready to work with us it will be our pleasure to meet for an in-home consultation.

  • Signup for our monthly newsletter