I Tell All About The Costs - Kitchen Renovation In Toronto

One multi-generational family client was a return client. Way before this professional couple decided to design-build a custom multi-generational home, they lived in 4-bedroom detached home which they outgrew. It was a traditional Toronto house with small rooms and even smaller closets.

Oh…..the possibilities with an updated floor plan. Namely, reduce the bedrooms to 3 and capture the additional space in closets and maybe add a main floor powder room? Alas! This was not in the plan. These clients needed more square footage – period.

This house wasn’t to morph into the much coveted multi-gen home. Instead, they would update and sell it. Pick up your copy of ‘This Renovation Came In Under Budget. Did Yours?’ to learn more. It outlines what we did and why it came in under budget.

This article will solely focus on the kitchen design & update. What follows isn’t exclusive to a kitchen renovation. It applies to any home improvement project you undertake, including redecorating.

Every time, I upload this kitchen, I get a couple of emails asking about costs and products. I believe it gives people hope that you don’t need to demolish a kitchen and spend tonnes of money to refresh it.

Toronto Interior Design Home Renovation.jpeg
Toronto Interior Design White Kitchen Stainless Steel Appliances.jpeg

Well……here’s the thing. Tonnes of money is relative. One person might think $10K is quite reasonable while another might balk. So, as an early Christmas gift, I’ve decided to breakdown the costs so you can see how I spent the money. Bear in mind, there was a whole house to work on therefore, only a portion of the budget was allocated to the kitchen redesign.

Here we go………………….

  • Appliances (Corbeil Appliances) – $2,894.13      

  • Backsplash (ProSource - Trade Only) – $111.60         

  • Cabinetry Hardware (Berenson) – $228.22      

  • Faucet – $279.00     

  • Undermount Sink (Kohler) – $489.00          

  • Ceiling Light (Murray Feiss) – $145.20       

  • Window Treatment (Blinds To Go) – $182.00       

  • Countertop (Caesarstone) – $3,400.00       

  • Spray Painted Cabinets – $1,760.00         

  • Paint Tester Pots (Sherwin Williams) – $57.72

  • Main Floor Hardwood Flooring (ProSource- Trade Only) – $1,092.12 (total  $5,460.60….. we upgraded the flooring throughout the house and this included the kitchen. I’ve allocated ¼ of the flooring amount to the materials)

  • Grout – $23.14         

  • Miscellaneous Costs (Home Depot) – $145.56

……………………………………………Sub total = $10 807.69 HST = $1405.00. Grand Total = $12 212.69

I know what you’re thinking ….. some things could have been ‘cheaper’! Um……  no. Remember, the end result needed to look phenomenal. When you start searching for cheaper and cheaper materials to reduce the costs, it will show. It’s a fine line balancing costs so the end result looks like a million bucks. You know what I mean :)

Notice anything in the cost allocation? ….. no labour, design fees, or delivery costs. I excluded them for a reason. Materials cost what they cost. Labour on the other hand, is a little more fluid. You may be handy. You may have friends – even general contractor friends. So, these costs will vary from one person to another. For some, the materials + labour costs will add the kitchen renovation into ‘perhaps next year’ bucket list while for others it will be ‘just right’.

This particular kitchen image was uploaded to Instagram on Monday at 3:15pm. I am hoping it will continue to generate the type of buzz it has in the past. It’s a great example of upcycling, high/low budgeting and working with constraints beyond your control.

Final words of wisdom…… sometimes and this kitchen was a great example, you cannot just change ‘something’ for a quick update. That one change will highlight everything else that needs upgrading. Planning it out ahead of time let’s you control the expenses and the direction of the creative process.


P.S. Did you missed the link to ‘This Renovation Came Under Budget. Did Yours?” No worries, here’s the link.