I Didn't Fall Off The Edge Of The Earth... This Time.

What a difference a year makes! Last year, around this time, we couldn't move from the heat and humidity enveloping the city. We received more rain than we could ever hope for and more seasonal temperatures. Whether seasonal temperatures are good or bad really depends on preference. I am quite happy with the weather these days. A friend is disappointed - she prefers it searing hot. 

This year, I finally took a break and crossed off a couple of items off the 'Bucket List'. Time certainly marches on because it feels like forever and a day since I was there. It's been less than a month ago. I was at the Fogo Island Inn sipping coffee and watching the icebergs go by from my room window.  

Kalli George Interiors goes to Fogo Island Inn.jpeg

It was an experience of a lifetime to say the least. A helicopter ride, icebergs, a futuristic hotel, rugged scenery and flavourful food all in the space of 3 days!

Icebergs in the Labrador Sea.jpeg

While there, an email came through from the Furniture Bank asking when I can pick my chair for the Chair Affair. Two things to note here: 1 -  The WIFI at the edge of the world was absolutely phenomenal and 2 - what an honour to be asked back to design a chair.

Ideas abound right now and I cannot wait to see the chair transformed. Custom furniture almost always get the creative juices going. It's an opportunity to use fabrics and patterns only reserved for the truly adventurous. Pass up this opportunity? Never!

Our 2016 submission.

Kalli George Interiors custom furniture - chair with graphic pattern fabric - black legs.jpeg

Because life isn't busy enough, I am prospecting properties in the London, ON to redevelop. I am big and bold enough to now admit 'it's in my blood'. To see a completely derelict home come to life is a thrill very difficult to explain. The time is right and I am ready for this challenge. 

Of course, it goes without saying, our doors are always open to new and returning clients. Schedule your discovery call today and let's chat about your upcoming home improvement project.

I look forward to hearing about your plans this summer. They don't have to be about decorating or renovating - life is about more than that!