What's In A Consultation With Kalli George Interiors?

A smorgasbord of ideas and possibilities!

Fair warning – it isn’t for the narrow minded or the ‘free’ brigade. Instead, it’s for the people seriously looking to level up their interior design and decorating game with ideas and recommendations. Two hours may not seem like enough and truth be told depending on the scope of work, it isn’t.

On the other hand, it was just enough time to make some serious decorating changes to one client’s sitting room, dining room and office. We normally don’t move furniture around during a consultation. However, on that day with that client, the furniture and accessories were pretty lightweight and between the two of us fairly easy to move around.

Interior Decorating Company in Toronto.jpeg

Once the two hours was up, this client had:

  • A newly configured office, a list of accessories to purchase and a list of items to scrap, return or donate

  • A newly configured dining room with a reading nook and recommendations for future lighting  and storage options

  • Kitchen dining area recommendations on chairs, tables and lighting

  • A better understanding of how to accessorize and get it right the first time. This following a conversation about the many pillow purchases which became pillow returns after bringing them home.

Alternatively, we had a client move into a new condo with no furniture whatsoever. At best, she had a mattress on order, but nothing else. Eating dinner at the kitchen counter and sitting on the floor was getting old. She needed to take action.

Two hours later, the client had:

  • A rough drawing of furniture placement and recommended sizes

  • A better understanding on how to create a  colour palette to incorporate throughout the unit

  • A list of shopping destinations

Interior design and decorating consultations take on a life of their own depending on the project and the scope of work. No different than asking for a second opinion or input on an idea. In the little time we have together, our goal is to suggest, recommend and inspire.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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