Home Decor Trends Coming To A Store Near You

Home décor buyers aren’t people you usually associate as influencers, yet they are the final arbiters in what hits the retail stores every season. No matter how great a product looks, unless they feel the consumer is ready to embrace it, they will pass.

Spring 2019 High Point is come and gone and the retail buyers have spoken!

The suppliers are talking and we think we know what coming down the pike in the next couple of months. These are the buyers’ favourites. How do we know these are the favourites? Pretty simple really – purchase orders!

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These trends will dominate your favourite home décor shopping destinations. Just like couture fashion, the popular items will be copied and tweaked. Some to remain on budget for their customers while other to fit the brand expectations.

Let’s talk about what the suppliers are saying are their best sellers. It’s no surprise really, but it does reflect the staying power of some design elements. Here’s a couple of trends/patterns from three big name brands in the home industry.

Easy to notice:


Gold remains a popular metal in home décor. The rose gold iteration didn’t fare so well. Over time, it’s influence diminished, the excitement leveled off and it’s now in the dust bin of ‘fads’.

If you’re still not convinced about the popularity of gold as a metal, have a look at the CAFÉ range of appliances. You can select your own hardware and this includes gold. Residential kitchens have come a long way.

It was inevitable that appliance hardware become a customizable feature. It is unlikely that this feature will trickle down to all GE appliance brands. Bespoke and custom always have a cost attached to them. However, GE has recognized a need in the home improvement industry.


Art Deco never really goes away. It’s influence is minimized for a period of time and then it explodes again into the scene. The sexy curves and rich walnuts veneers are re-imagined with a contemporary vibe for a modern interior. When women’s couture is trending towards full on glam, home décor veers right back to Art Deco – undoubtedly one of the most glamorous moments in time.


Very much like Art Deco, the Asian influence in home décor is always there. The furniture design and accessories market may diminish from one season to next, but then you will see chinoiserie explode in wallpaper and fabric. Sometimes, it all comes together to create the perfect storm where everything Asian inspired comes to the forefront.

Right now, we’re seeing chinoiserie making a comeback in both wallpaper and fabric. We’ll just have to wait and see if this one goes the distance and moves beyond the fabric and wallpaper. Time will tell. 

Are you surprised with the upcoming home trends or was this to be expected?

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