The Timeless Sun Room

I recently updated my Facebook headers with a sun room. It was and continues to be one of my favourite decorating projects and clients. The reaction to the photos and the private messages were somewhat overwhelming.

Mississauga living room with cream couch and blue pillows - dark walnut coffee table - sea grass area rug.jpeg

An Open Mind & Trust 

I think this was one 'cool cat' client.  She was open to any and all interior decorating suggestions and recommendations. The room was a dumping ground for an old couch and coffee table. If she was going to make changes she would remain open and receptive to new ideas. Talk about huge trust in the process.

Not all interior decorating briefs achieve their full potential. It’s part resistance and part micro managing the vision. Client resistance is about fear of change or agreeing with someone else’s ideas. Micromanaging the vision is a desire to feel in control, of everything which sometimes hamstrings the design process.

Ok – now back to the sun room. The original photo below. Note the date on the image.

Mississauga living room with cream couch and blue pillows - dark walnut coffee table - free standing lamp.jpeg

Begin With The Basics For A Timeless Look

Yup – this sun room decorating project dates back to 2011. Originally, intended to provide additional seating to the man cave adjacent to it. While the man cave was all about bulky furniture, this room was meant to be feminine and refined.  If opposites attract these two rooms did it well - a little ying and yang going on.

I still visit this couple.  Nothing has moved, been added or changed in this room. It still looks new. My understanding is that this room is used quite often. In fact, the man of the house likes to read his newspaper and have his morning espresso on the couch by the window.  

Begin With A Neutral Canvas

This client’s budget was limited – around $4500.00 for pulling the room together. This did not include my decorating fees or the painter. Nor did it leave much room for any custom design. What it did require was a whole heap of creativity and an open mind. I think we used 7 retailers to pull the room together.

We mixed styles here - traditional, contemporary and British Colonial/Plantation. Can you say eclectic? Then again, this client appreciated many styles. Disliked uniformity and preferred something a little more unique.

I’m a firm believer in reusing what’s in the existing space. So..........I’ll tap myself on the shoulder here.   The arc lamp was an original. Purchased back in the 1970s when the client lived in New York.  She had no clue what to do with it so had it in her mom’s home. I think, it looks fantastic in this room!

No curtain panels, few accessories and very little art. There is one framed original painting with personal significance to the client on the wall facing the couch. I would have loved to see curtain panels. Client wasn’t too keen. As for additional accessories, again the client wanted a simply finished room.

What would I to today if the client called and asked for a refresh?

Mississauga living room with cream couch and rattan furniture - yellow accents for bright room.jpeg

A Fresh Update For Big Impact

I’d pretty much keep the layout of the room intact. The furniture was good quality and still in fantastic shape today. I’d swap out the pillows for a lighter colour and add some accessories. A cost effective update with huge impact.