Acing The Design & Decor Presentation Centre Appointment

Buying a new construction home is exciting. However, now is not the time to sit back and wait for the keys. There will be decisions to make in the future which will impact the look and feel of your new home. With a little preparation ahead of time you will be able to tackle the features and finishes selection like a pro.

Begin with a thorough review of the floor plan so you can start plotting your furniture placement. Will you require more lighting? Electrical outlets? Any breaks in flooring you’d like to avoid? Visit the builder’s Design & Décor Presentation Centre ahead of time to become familiar with the selections and the potential upgrades. You don’t want to be hurried or stressed during your scheduled décor appointment!

A couple of things to consider:

1)      For a unified look, use the same flooring throughout the entire space. This is especially important for smaller units. Often, you will find white tile in the closet - a harsh contrast to the flooring in the hallway. For a more polished look, ask to carry the general flooring into the closet. If the bedroom has carpet, opt for the colour closest to the main flooring.

2)      A ceiling light isn’t always included in a bedroom or dining room. This one depends on the builder. Some will have the electrical all ready to go behind a cap in the ceiling. Others may not include it at all. Some builders will add it for a cost. You may not see the value in the short term, but as your living arrangements evolve, you may find you’d like an extra light source in the bedroom or dining room.

3)      Mix & match finishes from different options. Sometimes, the pre-selected finishes just won’t seem right to you. If you don’t like them in the Design & Décor Centre, you certainly won’t like them in your unit. Ask if you can swap between options.


4)      Opt out of the small stuff. In this case, think kitchen backsplash. You might have fallen in love with a mosaic tile while browsing at a tile shop. You might think the builder’s backsplash option is way too big. It’s ok to ask if the builder can omit this part of the work. You will backsplash at a later date.

5)      Now is the time to reinforce the wall or confirm the placement of the wall studs. Sometimes the depth of the room will be too narrow for a TV media unit facing the couch. If the builder is willing to reinforce the wall which will carry the wall mounted TV, you will have a solid foundation to work with when you are ready.  

Upgrades will add to the overall cost of your unit, but they will minimize any future surprises or costly adjustments. Well thought out upgrades will give your new home character and personality. If you choose to stay, they will serve you well. If you decide to sell, your home will be considered well above builder basic.