Cafe Au Lait In Paris 2.0

Not long ago, I heard it said that to truly appreciate your city, you should 'play the tourist and see where the adventure takes you.' As residents of Toronto or the GTA at large, we become largely complacent and quite jaded about our surroundings. 

On the other hand, playing the part of the 'tourist', offers the opportunity to appreciate what is available and ready to discover. Preconceived ideas are left at the door. I decided to put this theory to the test and explore Southern Ontario. It wasn't planned. It just happened. Quite unexpectedly on my way back from London, ON last month, I came across Paris, ON. I couldn't stop at the time, but decided I would come back.

I returned. The following weekend to be exact. Now bear in mind, I've been to Paris, FR. It was a glorious 3 days of discovering Paris and reveling in all that is French flair. Ooh la la!  Imagine my surprise when the first establishment I happened upon was Carvalho's Cafe. Great service, however, somewhat Portuguese. Non?

Umbrella with Eiffel Tower - pink hydrangeas and stone path.jpeg

It was drizzling that Sunday. More umbrellas than one person should own were in the apartment. However, there was one  in the car in its original wrapper. Happenstance? Meant to be? Who knows. No need to overthink it. A few years back, while visiting Niagara on the Lake, my husband bought me an umbrella - a very decidedly 'french' design. Now was time to pop it open and confidently swagger down main street. Allo! Bonjour!

Need I say it? The umbrella was perhaps the most 'French' thing in the town of Paris, ON. However, that afternoon proved to be exactly as intended. A day trip to discover a new place with a very familiar name. No comparisons - as they serve no purpose. Yet I think I need to return. They have some really cute condos in an old industrial building. Mais oui!

Next destination- Newcastle, ON. Why aye man!