How long will it take for me to receive my design concept?

Time begins once we have all your documents (lifestyle questionnaire, room measurements, inspiration images and dimensions of any existing furniture you’d like to incorporate in the concept) and we have completed our online meeting.

The timeline for the design concept will vary. If you opted for the ‘Classic’ package, you will receive your conceptual plans between 8-10 business days. The ‘Platinum’ package ranges between 3-6 weeks. You will need to add extra time for shipping/delivery to your door.

What does the design fee include?

Please refer back to the ‘Classic’ and ‘Platinum’ descriptions.

How can I reach someone on your team while my design concept is in the works?

We have several ways for you to communicate with our team members. You can email us at or add your comments/concerns on your dedicated Dropbox folder. All messages are answered within 2 business days.

Because we understand that conversations yield important information, it is why we incorporated a 30 minute online meeting. We review your lifestyle questionnaire and ask questions. This also provides you with an opportunity to perhaps make changes, elaborate on a point or think of something you hadn’t considered before.

Will I be purchasing the items you recommend directly from you?

No. Only our Full Service clients purchase directly from us.

The design concept is a conceptual plan. It lets you see what is possible with your space in terms of configuration and furniture. We provide the furniture measurements so you can purchase items confidently when you’re ready to implement the plan.

The ‘Premium’ package is an extended ‘Classic’ package It includes fabric selections, paint colour palettes and wood finishes. These additional elements will enable you tie the spaces together and create flow throughout the area.

Can I purchase the ‘Classic’ or ‘Premium’ package as a gift certificate?


Why do I need to send in inspirational images, if the plans are conceptual only?

We could do that. However, we believe that even conceptual images need to evoke an emotional connection. Your inspirational images will help us understand what makes you tick, so we can design a concept that resonates with you.

I have changed my mind and would like a design concept for a different area.

You can make changes up to and until we have completed our 30 minute online meeting. Once we start working on your design concept, no further changes are permitted.

I sent in all the documents, but now I’ve changed my mind. What is your refund policy?

We understand things happen and sometimes people change their minds. You have the right to a full refund (less any bank or credit card charges and/or fees).

A cancellation request must be received either  seven (7) calendar days after the purchase or at the latest when the 30 minute online meeting is scheduled.

If you wish to cancel your purchase, you must notify us of your decision via email at We will notify you of your cancellation number.

I received my conceptual design plans, but I have questions.

The ‘Classic’ and ‘Premium’ packages include an online meeting to discuss the conceptual plans. During these meetings we will discuss any changes -1 round of substitutions for 4 specifications.

How do I know if what you include in the design concept plan will fit in the rooms?

We rely on the information you provide to create a scaled floor plan. That is why we ask you be extremely vigilant when measuring your space. Review the information we provide on how to measure your space and don’t skimp on the door openings! We are not responsible for the information you provide as it is impossible for us to confirm its accuracy. We recommend, you re-measure your space when you’re ready to implement the design concept.



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“I will be moving into this house at the end of the month. My boyfriend and I have been discussing this layout for weeks and we can finally agree on the final arrangement.”

— Kelly M.R. | UK