Online Design Toronto Living Room

Amazing rooms begin here

Exhausted returning purchases back to the store? Agonizing over furniture size, layout and lack of cohesiveness in your rooms? So many paint chips on the wall you’re no longer sure what the actual wall colour is? You want a beautiful space to call home, but you’re not really sure where to begin. You’ve backed yourself into a corner and analysis paralysis has set in.

If this sounds like you, you’ve come to the right spot!

Our virtual design program will help you achieve the look and feel you’ve been dreaming about for your rooms. You’re still going to have to roll up your sleeves and do the work. However, this time you’ll have a road map and a step by step guide to get to the finish line.

$1 300.00 CAD/room



How It Works





  • Fill out the online lifestyle questionnaire

  • Upload images of:

  • your space

  • a basic floor plan with measurements


Research, design, present

  • See your space transformed online:

  • a design concept

  • floor plan layout

  • a description of the new space

  • opportunity for changes

  • Refine the design concept until your space is perfect.

  • 1hr phone support


Shop & Implement

  • Your package will include:

  • Design Concept Board

  • Final Design Rendering

  • A Curated Shopping List

  • Floor Plan

  • Elevation Plan (if needed)

  • Installation Guide