Moving in to a new house is an absolutely phenomenal experience. You get to renovate, make it your own, put your stamp on it. Whatever you do, focus on quality and individuality. One thing I urge you not to do is start with a paint consultation independently of everything else in the home.

Colour is the last thing you want to be choosing. It's far easier to switch out a pillow than repaint a house. Collect your fabrics, upholstery, artwork, flooring, area rugs and anything else of colour. Then proceed with a colour consultation. Any other sequence of events and you are choosing colour out of thin air. It might look good on the wall and in the space, but clash with everything else once you move in.

Exactly because of these reasons, our colour consultations are a little different. We will:

  • Ask if you have your fabrics, upholstery and wall art already selected
  • Request these items are in the room during the colour consultation
  • Use paint chips to select colours 
  • Return a week later with selected colours painted on card stock (up to 3 options):
    • Test the colours against the fabrics, upholstery and wall art
    • Test the samples in the room for final confirmation

We'd love to hear from you to discuss colour options!

  • Call:                                                    416 420 0197