A Collaborative Renovation

Great design doesn’t happen in a bubble. We work with you to discover your aspirations for the project. We create a plan and a vision for your space which will complement your lifestyle. We work with your general contractor to create a space that is as functional as it is beautiful. Our project management services, including the coordination of purchasing and deliveries let you focus on daily matters while we deal with the details of your renovation. 

A Personalized Presentation

Interior design, decorating and renovating have always been my passion. I can lose myself for hours creating design concepts and drawing floor plans. Tiles are a thing of beauty. Functional doesn't have to mean boring. There is a purpose and reason behind every wall colour selection.Your design aesthetic will decide our sourcing decisions. Our tailored design concept will be presented to you with images and samples. Your approval will set the purchasing, installation and staging process in motion.

House Flip prep

Home flips are a fantastic opportunity to create interiors that tug at the heartstrings of many buyers. You are now the client. You need to navigate the fine line between your vision and widespread appeal. When done right, these interiors are anything but boring.

I will help you scope the neighbourhood and surrounding areas and set a renovation budget. Next we'll create the vision for the house with a custom design concept. Creating a unified look also serves as a material costing exercise. With the design concept finalized, I'll help you interview general contractors, gets bids on your scope of work and hire the right team.

We coordinate all purchasing and deliveries of materials. We are also on site and available for questions during the work. Our hands-on approach ensures the project finishes on time and on budget.

Accredited Decorating Professional

I am a member of the Decorators & Designers Association of Canada (DDA). That means I am qualified by education and experience to develop and enhance the function and quality of interior and exterior spaces. A professional analyzes the client's needs and formulates design concepts that appropriately appointed and functional. I am also committed to ongoing education through professional development training and will ensure that you have access to the most current trends and innovations so that when you are decorating, renovating, buying or building, you will get professional results.