According to the 2016 Canadian Census, a multi-generational home is the fastest growing type of home in Canada. Three generations living and thriving under the same roof.


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LIVE with joy in your updated, stylish and functional space

KNOW that the changes benefit your current living conditions as well as your future needs

PLAN ahead of time. Not interested in a multi-generational home? Make the changes for your future

ENJOY your updated home knowing you’ve created a peaceful sanctuary for all its occupants


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Unlike single family homes, these dwellings need to meet the needs of several adults.

Unlike parents and young children, the dynamics between parents and full grown adults is different. Each has a life or life experience which influences their way of life or choices. Getting everyone under one roof without a plan can lead to strife, undue stress and a host of other problems.

Before, you start the renovation, you need a road map and a plan.

The occupants of a multi-generational home have to hit the ground running as soon as the renovations are completed. Unlike, regular home updates, where you can adapt to an ill-thought out design or use of space, there is no grace period in a multi-generational home.

How a well designed multi-generational home will impact your own future decision to move or stay.

  • Materials and finishes to include in your renovations for easy maintenance

  • Performance fabrics to up your room decor and not worry about stains

  • ‘Ageing in place’ elements will ensure your home will be just right when you can no longer navigate stairs.

LIVE AND THRIVE in this stage of your life

  • A place for everything and everything in its place

  • A space for everyone

  • Conflict minimized

  • Family gatherings made easy

  • Meeting your future needs


Your multi-generational home on your terms!

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“She asks the best questions beforehand to make sure she understands what we want out of the rooms, and it seemed to make the projects go quicker and more smoothly. I absolutely love how she accessorized our spaces, and she was even able to use some of my own things and make them seem like they fit right into the room. We get compliments all the time on the spaces.”

— Anna I. | Mississauga, ON