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According to the 2016 Canadian Census, a multi-generational home is the fastest growing type of home in Canada. Three generations living and thriving under the same roof.

Unlike single family homes, the demands of these homes can sometimes lead to strife, undue stress and a perceived lack of space. Let’s not even talk about the decor. The fear of decorating rooms like a retirement community or with very little personality.

Grab your complimentary copy of How To Create A Fabulous Multi-Generational Home here

included in the guide …..

  • Contemporary and trendy elements which are perfect for Universal Design

  • Materials and finishes to include in your renovations for easy maintenance

  • Performance fabrics to up your room decor and not worry about stains

….. and much more


How To Create A Fabulous Multi-Generational Home will provide you with a road map to create a space which will work for people of all ages. Upper level bedrooms and basements are fabulous, but what do you do when your ageing parents can’t navigate stairs?

If you’re planning a custom build, adding ‘ageing in place’ elements will ensure your home will be just right when you can no longer navigate stairs. Grab your copy of the guide today and start planning your own fabulous multi-generational home.

P.S. Did I mention the guide works just as well for single family home renovations? Mom and dad may not be moving in, but adding performance fabrics to the mix will up your decorating game.