I’ve probably been anticipating the Chair Affair 2017 since the end of the last one. It seems I’m not the only one. I’ve had people asking me about the date and tickets as soon as September 2017 rolled around!

Unlike the previous years, I didn’t have time to volunteer with the Furniture Bank this year. What I did do was ask them to pick up my furniture, accessories and everything kitchen related when I moved earlier this year. Moving was stressful enough. Trying to sell everything on Kijiji or Buy & Sell sites was another task for which there was very little time.

I could store those extra plates or I could make sure someone had a plate. It was an easy decision. Donate everything and make a difference in someone else’s life.

As I work on this year’s chair, I am giddy with excitement about the design. Privately, I am just as giddy with excitement because I was able to contribute on a much larger scale. Maybe a child will see my donated wall art and be inspired to someday become an artist or an interior designer.

Who knows!

Kalli-George-Interiors-Toronto-Condo-Interior-Design-Decorating-Furniture-Bank-Chair-Affair-2016 -.jpeg


Very similar to the Diabetes’ Foundation Clothesline program, The Furniture Bank will pick up your gently used furniture and household items. Unlike the Diabetes Foundation, they won’t sell them. They will warehouse them instead.

They aren’t hoarding furniture or gently used household items. What they’re actually doing is offering a glimmer of hope to individuals and families starting over. By appointment only and through one of the registered agencies in Toronto, the recipients get to create a home. The opportunity to pick everything they will need to create a home and hit the ground running in their new lives.

I volunteered my services not too long ago. Now, I have a soft spot for The Furniture Bank. So, I decided to participate in the Chair Affair event. You pick a chair from their existing stock and jazz it up. It then it goes up for auction.

All proceeds go towards helping more families

Mississauga Holiday House Tour | November 2015


The Mississauga Holiday House Tour 2015 had six beautiful houses on the tour. All located in the upscale Lorne Park neighbourhood in Mississauga. One did stand out however. Unlike the others, this was anything but traditional. The ‘Architect’s Home’ was contemporary and minimal in architectural features, furnishings and accessories.MISSISSAUGA HOLIDAY HOUSE TOUR  - NOVEMBER 2015

Although the Christmas holidays are usually associated with over the top decorating, we bucked tradition. For this project, we decided to highlight the clean and modern lines of the home with a subdued Christmas décor. The home was not overwhelmed with Christmas decorations, but Christmas had definitely arrived at the ‘Architect’s Home’.

All proceeds from this fantastic event donated to Armagh House in Mississauga.

Mississauga Backyard Glam Tour | July 2015


The Mississauga Backyard Glam Tour 2015 made its inaugural debut on the July 1st long weekend. For back yard aficionados this was the perfect opportunity to come up close and personal with beautiful landscapes and décor. Kalli George Interiors worked with a fantastic group of ladies decorating the historic Benares House in Mississauga.

All proceeds from this outdoor extravaganza donated to Benares House.