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LEARN how to put together your scope of work and what to provide to your general contractor

PLAN your space and your needs before you go shopping. Creating a list will minimize product overwhelm while solidifying shopping destinations.

COST the products ahead of time. This includes your labour quotes. What do they include. Are you comparing similar quotes?

PROJECT MANAGEMENT is more than making sure your general contractor showed up. It’s about making sure you’re aligned with the end result.


An easy 3-step process which brings the project to life before a sledgehammer is swung in the air. Ditch the last minute indecision and spending on the fly. Make choices, balance the numbers and breathe easy while quietly enjoying your coffee.

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You’ve decided you’re going to renovate and decorate your home. Where do you start?

You start from the beginning:

  • getting to know your space

  • defining your criteria

  • putting together a scope of work


This is where you start putting it all together. You are sourcing for goods and services as well as procuring estimates.

Your scope of work from Phase I will be your road map.


Oftentimes, the longest and most arduous phase of any project. This is the time you’re placing orders, making sure your budget numbers are solid and construction begins.

LIVE AND THRIVE during your home renovation

  • You have a plan

  • You know exactly what it’s going to look like

  • You have costed everything out

  • You and your general contractor are on the same page

  • You have scheduled time for project management duties


Your home. your terms!

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“She asks the best questions beforehand to make sure she understands what we want out of the rooms, and it seemed to make the projects go quicker and more smoothly. I absolutely love how she accessorized our spaces, and she was even able to use some of my own things and make them seem like they fit right into the room. We get compliments all the time on the spaces.”

— Anna I. | Mississauga, ON