Company Rebranding. Just Like Home Improvements.


This was the summer of change!

You probably noticed I traveled a little more than usual.  When I wasn’t hitting the open road, I was working on Kalli George Interiors with a business coach. It was time to re-evaluate and grow. And read - I mean read a lot!

I’d fallen into the same trap as most homeowners. The internet provides a smorgasbord of free decorating information. Why does one need an interior designer? A stager? A decorator? Someone, somewhere has the knowledge and is willing to give it away for free.

Replace ‘decorating’ with ‘business advice’ and you now have a business owner with more questions than answers. Everybody has an opinion of what worked for them.  If it worked for them, it will work for you. Right?


Kalli George Interiors - interior design and decorating - home improvement firm - logo.jpeg

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression ‘The devil is in the details.’ It isn’t necessarily that the advice out there is always wrong. It is however, about the details and how they pertain to you. Worryingly, you might be surprised what these are.

The Logo – not the end and be all, but it anchors the business. It’s a bouncing off point for everything else. This will be the 3rd business logo in 7 years! To truly understand why a line in the logo design caused such grief, read ‘The Big Leap’ by Gay Hendrix.

The Business Cards – working on them as we speak. Design completed. Simple. In fact, uber simple. Printing underway in the next couple of days. If the business card is a calling card then this one will come as no surprise to anyone. 

The website has been overhauled to showcase our work with clients and giving back to the community. Really, really excited about the automated discovery and consultation appointments. Who does not enjoy booking their own appointment and avoiding the hassle of going back and forth with dates and times?

Enough about me. Would love to hear what you have been up to during the summer!